Rub & Roll

About The Gödöllő Villa

Let's imagine the milieu of the rural bourgeoisie, which, although buffeted by the winds of the capital, still has its own cultural environment, customs and audience. On the edge of the Gödöllő protected nature area, on the island of tranquility, a patina villa awaits its visitors, striving to create harmony.

This is none other than the second home of the Rub&Roll in Budapest, a renovated villa; in a beautiful natural environment. Open-air grilling, modern, elegant surroundings, new cocktails and a touch of America in one place.

At first glance, the tennis courts belonging to the villa, the huge terrace and the building surrounded by trees may create a strict, elite impression, however, a step inside welcomes visitors to a pleasant, more relaxed atmosphere.

Our vision is that the residents of Gödöllő and the surrounding area, the residents of the capital looking for peace, the travelers who want to refresh themselves, the lovers of gastronomy and sports can all find their entertainment here. In a high-class, but informal location, with direct hospitality. A place where you can feel at home from the very first moment - as if just after a long journey.

What we offer?

We have a very special relationship with fire, coal and baking. When we discover any raw material, we think about it, if we put it in the smoker, throw it on the grill, bake it in the oven for just a little while, then we wonder what flavors can be brought out of it.

We will whisper, more delicious dishes. We respect meat, so we give it extra special treatment. Perhaps we can say that this is the key.

At the end of one of the American seminars, our owner and dreamer heard the following poetic question and wonderful answer from a Nashville pitmaster: what exactly is BBQ? It may be the meat, the wood, the smoker, the marinade - but the ingredients are actually different for everyone. No. Barbecue is about community. While the meat is being prepared (which is 4 hours by default), you are together, talking, spending time with each other - this is BBQ. Love of meat, passion, dedication. There is no big secret here, you just need to be careful. Don't do it if you don't have the patience, if you don't feel good while doing it, if you're only interested in money, then don't do it. Barbecue is only good if it's your life.

In addition to gastronomy addicts, we also welcome sports fans. Next to our restaurant, the Rub&Roll Tennis Club operates with outdoor and indoor courts. It is a perfect location for active recreation in both the summer and winter seasons, you can see it here (here is a link).

We warmly welcome everyone with family, friends and couples at Gödöllő's newest social venue, for all ages.