Rub & Roll

Our Raw Materials

We have several decades of experience with various domestic and international types of meat, and for the sake of sustainable quality, we wanted to use the best for our products.

That is why we chose the Hungarian mangalica, which is famous for its tasty, healthy meat - rich in Omega-3 fatty acids. This is also thanks to the strict regulation of breeding, since in all cases the meat of free-range animals is processed. The mangalica we use comes from native herds fed with domestic GMO-free feed.

Before opening Rub & Roll Barbecue in 2015, we spent a long time finding consistent and high quality beef with the right marbling and fat content for our authentic barbecue dishes. Our sources go straight to the USA, from where we have been ordering 'Choice' category beef marked with the second highest rating by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA) for years - to the greatest satisfaction of our guests. In the case of Rub & Roll meat products, we do not give it below either! Both the grilled beef sausage and the spicy American hot dog are made from USDA 'Choice' beef, for gourmet quality and a harmonious flavor profile.

The soul of Rub & Roll, i.e. the spices, come from the family business's small manufactory in Kalocsa, where Hungarian paprika is grown and processed. The smell of red pepper is pleasantly characteristic, its deep red color is eye-catching, and in the products of Rub & Roll, it brings to life traditions disguised in a new guise.