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Let’s talk about barbecue!

Over the past couple of years, the concept of authentic barbecue has been introduced into public, thanks to the popular low & slow barbecue method popular in the southern United States is now being practiced at a high level in Hungary. Even before the new trend, in 2015, two well-versed brothers set out on a long journey and did not stop until Texas for the best of barbecue. The Kiss brothers, with their local research experience in their pockets, opened Rub & Roll Barbecue, which quickly became the capital’s premier barbecue restaurant.

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Art of barbecue

By now, the difference between traditional American barbecue and grill, also known as barbecue, may be clear to everyone, but it’s a good idea to dispel many misconceptions about the genre: authentic low & slow barbecue is made in smokers or pits, at low temperature for long hours. In practice, this means placing the meat in one piece (cleaned, without slicing), sprinkled with a special rub and smoked at 110-120 Celsius degrees for 4-16 hours, depending on the type and quality of the meat. During this time, the rub, consisting mainly of spices, brown sugar and salt, forms a bark along with the smoke, which protects it from drying out, retains the juices of the meat, and results in a juicy and extremely tasty dish.

The Kiss brothers, Peter and David went through America’s famous barbecue joints and the first thing they learned about the genre was that there was no good or bad way of barbecue. Love the meat, respect the smoker, feel the technique – then it’s just a matter of style and taste, how you like it. The point is in sharing experiences, so that neither pitmaster will rule out or condemn the style of the other barbecue, but work together and bring the community together. This idea is what they would like to introduce as barbecue in Hungary. Nothing to hide, no secret ingredient, just quality USDA beef brisket, certified Hungarian pork, freshly ground spices, US-sourced Southern Pride smoker and apple tree to smoke. It took a lot of experimentation, but guests are offered now an unforgettable experience that combines well-trained barbecue, pleasantly smoky flavors, and their respect for meat.


On their return home from the United States, the brothers fully committed to barbecue, so they started searching for the best quality ingredients. After a long way, they had to learn that the beef brisket was found in Europe did not reach quality in texture, taste, size, neither quantity compared to the ones overseas. So they ended up staying at the roots and bringing the USDA Choice certified beef brisket from the States, which guarantees a high-quality meat experience. They had a simpler job with pork: KMS, which is certification for High Quality Pork, the ribs and shoulder are a perfect base for the restaurant’s BBQ ribs and pulled pork.


Beef brisket and pork get different rubs before barbecue, based on brown cane sugar, Himalayan salt, Hungarian paprika (recommended by Americans!), and pepper with other spices. The secret is that they are grinded to the same grain size and then sprinkled and then rubbed into the meat.

the result

Before the concept of barbecue had ever appeared in Hungary, it would not have been possible to describe the difference in experience between other techniques and low & slow barbecue. The flavors of barbecue, the texture of meats, the amount of juice are fundamentally different from what we are accustomed to at home, and as a result, someone who is a meat lover and even a fan of meat so far can easily become addicted.

Visit Rub & Roll Barbecue on Szent István Boulevard, opposit to Comedy Theater (Vígszínház), enjoy hot summer days in the garden, or indulge in the overseas ambience of a sophisticated, yet American-style interior restaurant with 1,300 square feet of Southern pride authentic american barbecue.

Southern pride isn’t about where you live, it’s about how you live.