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Welcome to Rub & Roll Barbecue!

If you’re hungry for authentic American flavors, this is the place for you. As fans of BBQ, we’d like to pass on the knowledge and experience we got from the most popular pitmasters of the US. We want to show you the miracles you can make with meat and the flavor experiences that await you in turn. We’re not only talking about discovering a few courses, but a whole genre with long-standing traditions, experience and culture behind it.

What exactly is BBQ, what does it have to do with smoke, and how can it run out of stock?

Our goal is to pass on to you the flavors we experienced in America as authentically as possible, therefore we smoke the meats with apple wood in a special BBQ oven called ‘smoker’ for long hours, often all night long, as we learned it in the Southern states.

As this only allows us to prepare a predefined amount, we might even run out of it occasionally and can’t provide any more that day. However, this is exactly how it is in America! As we learned from the owner of Pappy’s Smokehouse in St. Louis, a real BBQ restaurant closes when it runs out of meat. As unusual as this may sound in Europe, it’s an integral part of American barbecue culture. And barbecue does not know state boarders – when the smoker-prepared meat is gone, it’s gone. So arrive as early as possible and get the real flavor experience of the Southern states with us!

Why Rub & Roll?

We believe that similarly to being a fan of rock & roll, you can also be a fan of marbled meats coated in a delicious rub. Be careful, though! The BBQ lifestyle is highly addictive and if it gets a hold of you, there’s no stopping – it keeps on rolling.

Try our barbecue lunch menu from 11:30 to 14:00 Monday to Friday! We are also looking forward to welcoming big companies: contact us to organize your event.

David Kiss
the owner of Rub & Roll Barbecue